I’m beginning to wonder if the nursery rhyme, “Wheels On The Bus” had another meaning behind it?

The wheels of…

Bureaucracy? Private-sector job growth? Student loan debt?

D: All of the above. Let’s break it down.

BUREAUCRACY: As any digital marketer can relate, there’s a process of getting certain projects or ideas approved through the right compliance channels.

Maybe your job trusts you so much that you are the compliance team. Judge, jury and executioner. That sounds awesome.

In other job sectors, like mine, digital marketing and compliance are at perpetual odds. To avoid specifics, there are a lot of federal government regulations that weigh down the speed in which I can publish content.

The wheels of bureaucracy go round-and-round at about the same pace as the really old man who has no business driving on the interstate during morning rush hour.

PRIVATE-SECTOR: Yeah, the wheels are certainly turning in a literal sense. Part of my daily routine is to read up on economic news.

But in a more figurative meaning, the private-sector process seems to be quite the beast of burden. Notice of resignations, exit interviews, on-boarding, training. I feel like corporate hell was invented just to make sure everyone came into their new job with tempered expectations. A weeding out process, if you will.

Ask me how my Monday will pan out? Vanilla.

STUDENT LOAN D – you know I’m not even going there.

So, to summarize, I’m in my cube on my last day at my old job looking forward to getting through the on-boarding process at my new job, just to face similar inherent challenges from my old job at my new job.

It’s that kind of Friday, folks.