Fumbling for a clever play-on-words is daunting at 3:40 pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

It creates conflict between creativity and the inner desire to be clever, witty or otherwise exhibit “dad joke” qualities.

Fake It ‘Til You Market is an exploratory blog. I began my marketing career a mere 4 months after graduating with a degree in journalism. I dabbled in marketing internships during college, but my main forté* was always journalism. 

That word, journalism, means so much to so few, and so little to everyone else. I thank myself, pre-2010, for having the wherewithal to know I’d have to become a shut-in if I ever wanted to achieve master-craft status in non-fiction story telling. I dreamed of becoming a clubhouse beat writer for a professional baseball team. My second-ever freelance writing gig afforded me that chance. But by the end of my college days, and after spending an abnormal amount of time in post-game press conferences, locker rooms and player interviews, I found sports journalism meant so little to me and so much to everyone else.

So I returned to what I’d been doing on holiday breaks or the odd weekend when money was tight and rent was due. I came back to waiting tables after graduating in May 2015. It didn’t take long for me to find that desire that every server has after working consecutive double-shifts every weekend: I needed a change of scenery.

It just so happened that our bar staff was, for the first time in forever, understaffed. I, being the go-getter and general opportunist, volunteered to fill that role. And daresay that I filled it just okay. To be fair, I had my first real job offer a mere two weeks after I finished bartender training. For me to declare my bar tending skills as anything better than okay after three-and-a-half weeks of slinging cocktails would be a disservice to my colleagues who’d spent years at the trade. But I wasn’t bad for a newbie.

Fast-forward eleven months, and I’ve been offered a new opportunity in digital marketing on the coattails of my effort from my first job. The plan for this blog is to periodically write about my experiences in digital marketing: SEO, SMM, graphic design, and general content along with the occasional personal epiphany.

The beauty of digital marketing, serving, bar tending, and life in general is that you never really stop learning. The key is to never lose that hunger; and boy, am I really hungry. No, seriously, I had a sandwich about four hours ago and am in serious need of nourishment.

I hope my ramblings bring you comfort in the knowledge that you’re more sane than you give yourself credit.

(*) – I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my god, he’s a snob. He went so far as to use the accented letter for the word.” Not a snob. Just a grammar/general writing nerd. Okay, I’m a little bit of a snob 😦


P.S. this was the stock image provided by WordPress when I started this blog. I’ll leave it be.